DuckDuckGo Beta For Mac Rolls Out For Public; Windows App To Arrive Soon

Mac users can now take their private browsing experience to the next level with the new DuckDuckGo app. As announced, DuckDuckGo for Mac now rolls out for the public in beta, enabling users to test the app and share feedback for improvements.

DuckDuckGo For Mac (beta) Is Now Public

Announcing the update via a recent post, DuckDuckGo has officially confirmed the public release of their app for Mac devices.

As elaborated, the new app (version 0.30) is available for Mac users via the DuckDuckGo browser. This app claims to replace the conventional incognito mode in other browsers with enhanced anti-tracking capabilities. In addition, the search engine app comes with advanced privacy features that ensure 60% less tracking than Google or others.

Specifically, the DuckDuckGo browser, with the app for Mac, comes with secure link upgrading, Fire Button feature, and Cookie Consent Pop-up Manager. Moreover, the app also allows users to protect their emails from unwarranted tracking via the Email Protection feature.

Besides, another worthy feature is the privacy-oriented Duck Player, which substitutes YouTube with fewer ads and better privacy.

In addition, users can also prevent unsolicited spying as the app offers secure password management and better protection against invasive tracking during browsing.

What’s Next?

DuckDuckGo first released the Mac app for users in April 2021 for limited-scale beta testing. But now, after receiving feedback and introducing improvements, the provider has made the service available for all Mac users. Though it’s still in beta, users may face glitches or lack some features. But, of course, they can always share their views with the developers for improvements.

In the future, DuckDuckGo plans to open-source the app as well before the beta testing gets over. As elaborated in the post,

DuckDuckGo for Mac is not a “fork” of Chromium, or any other browser code. All the app code – tab and bookmark management, our new tab page, our password manager, etc. – is written by our own engineers. For rendering, it uses a public macOS API, making it super compatible with Mac devices.  DuckDuckGo believes in open sourcing our apps and extensions whenever possible, and we plan to do so for DuckDuckGo for Mac before it moves out of beta.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Besides, DuckDuckGo also pledges to release the app for Windows users, which is currently in beta testing with friends and family. Windows users may expect the app to arrive for public testing in the coming months.

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