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New York Post Swiftly Recovered From An ‘Insider’ Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
New York Post attack

The recent fiasco of hate-filled and weird post headlines with the New York Post demonstrates how an insider attack remains a threat. NY Post, thankfully, recovered from the damage quickly.

New York Post ‘Insider’ Cyber Attack

Recently, the New York Post (aka NYPost) – a famous American tabloid newspaper – made it to the news for not-so-good-reasons. It turns out that New York Post had a cyber attack that led to the publishing of posts that would suggest that the company suffered a cyber security breach.

But it wasn’t a severe external cyber attack. Instead, the details shared by the NY Post reveal that the service’s website suffered an insider hacking attempt.

Initially, the newspaper caused a stir among the public as numerous posts with hate-filled, weird, and racist headlines started appearing online. The same awkward headlines appeared on the tabloid’s official Twitter account, enraging and confusing many.

Eventually, the service confirmed via its official Twitter account that it had suffered a cyber attack.

After a while, reports appeared online that the tabloid had an insider attack from a ‘rogue’ employee. That attacker reportedly took over the New York Post’s website and Twitter account, consequently posting nasty stuff. Here’s what Oliver Darcy from CNN shared on his Twitter account.

While it initially remained unclear how the hack happened, Dorcy’s subsequent tweets stating Ny Post’s comment confirmed the insider attack.

As confirmed, the tabloid deleted all the weird posts and regained access to its website and Twitter account. Dorcy also reported that the firm had fired the ‘rogue’ employee following the incident.

What Next?

After the matter got cleared, users made some interesting comments on the incident, too, since NY Post is known for its tabloid-like headlines.

Although the service quickly recovered from the incident, it reiterated the importance of insider threats. (Perhaps, this Twitter user also wants to say the same…?!)

Indeed, insider threats are always around for every business, whether online or offline, working in-house, hybrid, or a remote working model. Of course, since such threats come from the authorized staff inside a firm, preventing them is difficult. But staying vigilant to detect the possible signs of insider attacks can help alleviate the damages.

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