ImmuniWeb Community Edition Review – Inclusive Vulnerability Scanning for Small Businesses

Rapid security testing is a need for all online entities – whether it’s about small businesses or individual site admins. However, the costs associated with such software often repel budget users. Immunity Community Edition is an inclusive solution for all such users. It’s a diversified vulnerability scanning available at no cost, thus facilitating the users globally in maintaining secure online entities.

Does it sound too good to be true? We tested ImmuniWeb Community Edition and will share our experience via this review.

Quick Review of ImmuniWeb AI

ImmuniWeb is a Switzerland-based cybersecurity firm offering AI-powered security solutions for web applications. The ImmuniWeb AI is a comprehensive SaaS platform offering five different products that include,

  • ImmuniWeb Discovery – offers continuous dark web monitoring for stolen data, security scans for vulnerability and misconfigurations, and attack surface management.
  • ImmuniWeb Neuron – an automated, robust vulnerability scanning solution that leverages AI to ensure zero false positive alerts.
  • ImmuniWeb On-Demand – AI-powered web penetration testing for web apps, cloud services, and APIs.
  • ImmuniWeb MobileSuite – a dedicated mobile penetrating testing suite that uses machine learning to conduct thorough testing with zero false positive alerts.
  • ImmuniWeb Continuous – offers a continuous penetrating testing facility that actively detects code changes and new codes.

Besides these premium security solutions, ImmuniWeb offers a range of free security tools for the public – the ImmuniWeb Community Edition.

ImmuniWeb Community Edition – Free Security Testing for All

ImmuniWeb’s Community Edition is a pleasant gift for the cybersecurity community to cope with the ever-rising security issues that companies suffer. The community edition offers inclusive packages with multi-dimensional vulnerability scanning capabilities aimed at different products. The best part of ImmuniWeb Community Edition is its completely free availability, making it accessible to a much broader user base globally.

Specifically, the Community Edition includes,

ImmuniWeb has strived hard after its launch to improve its utility to meet the evolving security challenges. Hence, the Community Edition 2.0 comes with a newly-written backend engine and load-balancing system, providing faster test speeds.

How ImmuniWeb Community Edition Works

To test ImmuniWeb CE’s efficiency, we used two of its tests – Web Security and SSL Security. Impressively, using the tool was painless as it required little effort or learning curve.

Moreover, the tests can be conducted without the need to sign up for an account. Though registering with the service is helpful as it provided access to full scan reports via email. Creating an account is easy, only requiring an email and business website. After that, the user can access all five Community Edition testing tools.

So, we first tried the Web Security test for our site, which began right after entering the URL.

The web security parameters were ticked one by one as the scan progressed. We got the full report in the web browser within a few minutes. Though, some attributes remained hidden, requiring us to log in, following which we could access all details. Besides logging in, a user can get the entire report via email.

Next, we tried the SSL security test for our site and got the results quickly. Unlike other security scanning tools, the entire scan neither burdened our device’s resources nor took an overly long time.

What Star Rating Does It Earn?

ImmuniWeb Community Edition safely earns 4.5 out of 5 stars, given its speed, performance, and user-friendly interface.


ImmuniWeb Community Edition is an excellent AI-powered vulnerability scanning solution offered for free to anyone looking for swift web app scans. Despite its free availability and premium AI counterpart, the Community Edition suite is as good as any other security tool, serving small businesses, developers, and budget users.

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