Malwarebytes or Webroot Antivirus: Which One to Choose?

New digital threats appear almost every hour in our dynamic world. New antivirus software is also constantly changing, and it is difficult to follow all the trends.

However, you need to decide what antivirus program you need at the very moment to ensure total protection. To facilitate your choice, we want to compare the two most brand-new antivirus solutions – Malwarebyte and Webroot.

Differences Between Malwarebytes and Webroot

These two programs differ in some features they can provide. They are:

  1. Malwarebytes provides huge pricing discounts if you want it for multiple devices, and Webroot doesn’t offer one.
  2. Webroot offers more features for its paid version, while Malwarebytes does not have so many payable features.
  3. Malwarebytes does not provide strong identity protection, while Webroot offers such cutting-edge features.

Of course, we cannot say that there exists a piece of perfect software that can eliminate all the problems and threats. Each security company highlights individual strengths, while the weaknesses are unique for every product, too. However, many antiviruses are ineffective, so you must be very careful while choosing, especially those that are available online for free.

So, let’s compare the features of these two well-known security software providers to help you decide what to choose – Malwarebytes or Webroot – to meet all your requirements.

Pricing Policies of Malwarebytes and Webroot

Both products offer reasonable prices, though they are not the cheapest options on the market. Of course, there are costly solutions as well, but here you will come across something average, though very effective.

Malwarebytes has more distinct pricing policies, and it is true. You can choose the subscription depending on the number of computers you need the antivirus for. Typically, you can choose from one to ten devices. Webroot offers its software subscription for one to three devices, including Mac and PC.

Moreover, Malwarebytes is more effective for protecting multiple devices. Possibly because of that, the company offers substantial savings discounts for those who want to acquire bundled licenses.

Nevertheless, if you are an individual user with one or two devices, it is more economical to opt for Webroot if you pay for a one-year subscription. The company also offers a free trial for 14 days. You can decide whether the antivirus is good for you during this time. In addition, Webroot also offers a 70-day money-back guarantee. It is pretty beneficial.

Malwarebytes also provides a possibility of a free trial for 14 days. However, its money-back guarantee is given only for 30 days.

Main Features of Webroot

The Webroot Antivirus app is pretty consistent in protecting Windows-based devices and other PCs from any online threats. Even its basic features are very efficient. In addition, they provide almost the same real-time protection as the paid versions.

The program scans for viruses both when scheduled to do so and in real time. As a result, you will enjoy such levels of protection as:

  1. Virus protection. It is developed to identify and remove spyware, malware, and viruses.
  2. Anti-phishing and secure browsing. It won’t allow you to visit fake websites that can collect your sensitive information.
  3. Identity theft protection. Your online account information will be safe, which is especially important for login credentials and payment cards.
  4. Webcam protection. The software can monitor webcam processes directed at breaking your privacy by accessing your photos and videos.
  5. Fast scanning. These scans do not influence the overall performance of your PC.
  6. Technical support. It is based in Colorado, the USA, so you must speak English to solve your issues.

All in all, the set of features from the basic package will allow you to feel fully protected when online. Webcam security is pretty essential, and it is the feature that is often included in more high-end security suites.

Main Features of Malwarebytes

The Malwarebytes Antivirus application also provides consistent security and protection. However, the company’s approach is a bit different from that of Webroot. It is apparent from their 14-day trial period regulations. Most features are fee-paying and deactivated when the trial period ends.

Therefore, you can get the following features with Malwarebytes:

  1. Viruses and malware prevention, detection, and protection.
  2. Prevent unwanted visits to suspicious URLs and poor links that provide anti-phishing security.
  3. Ransomware
  4. Real-time protection for background processes, apps, and activities.

You can get these features in their free version. However, their free version cannot remove the existing viruses. It only prevents their contraction. To eliminate the threats, you will need to upgrade to the paid version that adds quarantine and removal of malware of any kind and anti-rootkit features. The protection in real-time, though, is limited to anti-phishing or inadequate URL prevention. It cannot guarantee protection against identity theft or losses of sensitive information, especially when you shop online. There are no anti-webcam features, either.

Final Thoughts

If we want to advise you on the program choice for your personal needs, it could be Malwarebytes. Though, if you need to protect financial and business data, Webroot is preferable for many reasons. A more extended set of features is a significant benefit. Consider anti-webcam protection and a variety of threats that can be eliminated with it.

However, the main factors that can influence your choice are pricing and the number of helpful features. These two aspects can result in the best value for money. Malwarebytes is more economical, and it is its most significant advantage. It also provides a range of unique features which are excellent for individual users. Webroot is a better choice for big companies or many users and devices within one family.

It would be best if you also considered the program’s interface and ease of use. It is imperative if you are not technologically savvy. Even if you are, you may need technical support in some events. So, consider Webroot with its live chats and immediate response.

However, the most helpful recommendation, we believe, is taking advantage of the free trial. You will see how much the chosen software corresponds to your expectations and can meet all your requirements.

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