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Netgear Patched Serious Vulnerability Affecting Multiple Router Models

by Abeerah Hashim
Netgear router vulnerability

Netgear has recently warned users of a serious security vulnerability affecting multiple WiFi router models. Specifically, the tech giant fixed a pre-authentication buffer overflow vulnerability in the router firmware. Users must ensure updating their routers with the latest firmware versions to receive the patch.

Netgear Router Vulnerability

Alerting the users through a recent advisory, Netgear has listed multiple router models exhibiting a severe security vulnerability.

Netgear is a leading US-based networking firm offering networking hardware and related services. It has a vast global presence with offices in more than 20 countries and a worldwide customer base. The immense popularity of its devices among internet users – both personal and business consumers – hints that any security flaws affecting its products can potentially impact millions of users.

Regarding the recently disclosed security issue, Netgear hasn’t shared any precise technical details about the flaw and its active exploitation (if detected). Nonetheless, they clearly mentioned patching a pre-authentication buffer overflow vulnerability affecting a range of its WiFi routers. The advisory lists the flaw as a high-severity issue that received a CVSS score of 7.4.

Specifically, the affected routers and the subsequent firmware releases carrying the bug fix include the following.

  • RAX40 (firmware version
  • RAX35 (firmware version
  • R6400v2 (firmware version
  • R6700v3 (firmware version
  • R6900P (firmware version
  • R7000P (firmware version
  • R7000 (firmware version
  • R7960P (firmware version
  • R8000P (firmware version

For downloading the firmware updates, the firm advises users to follow the best practices for keeping their devices up to date. Specifically, users should consider using the relevant app for their devices to receive updates. For instance,

  • the NETGEAR Orbi app helps update Orbi products.
  • NETGEAR Nighthawk app manages to update the NETGEAR WiFi routers.
  • NETGEAR Insight app helps Insight subscribers in updating some Netgear Business products.

Besides, Netgear urges all users to download the latest firmware for their devices via the firm’s website. Users can search for firmware updates by typing their device’s model number in the search box.

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