Role of Plaid developers in the fintech industry

Plaid-Fintech relationship

You may not have heard of Plaid developers, but you probably use one of their products every day. They are a fintech company that provides financial institutions with tools to build applications on the platform. The company was founded in 2012 by CEO and co-founder Paul Duan and CTO James Prestwich, who previously worked together at Apple.

Plaid’s API (application programming interface) allows users to integrate their bank accounts with third-party applications like Mint or Robinhood without having to enter their credentials every time they want to log in. This makes logging into apps easier for users, who don’t have to remember multiple passwords or reenter them often.

Fintech companies have used Plaid APIs for years now because of their ease of use and accessibility for developers—but more recently it’s been gaining traction among larger corporations like Capital One as well as startups trying out new ideas in financial technology (fintech).

Why a developer would choose to work with Plaid

If you’re a developer who wants to work with an API that is scalable, easy to learn and use, and developer-friendly, look no further than Plaid. We are the first backend-as-a-service provider created specifically for developers. Over 90% of Plaid users come from a technology background, most having worked at big companies like Google or Facebook before coming in contact with us.

Plaid’s team has taken great care in crafting an intuitive user experience that makes it easy for developers to get started with the platform. The APIs have been carefully designed from the ground up with usability as the primary goal while still providing first-class support for all major platforms (web browsers, mobile apps).

How the role of Plaid developers is evolving in the fintech industry.

Plaid is a technology platform that allows developers to integrate financial data into their applications.

Developers can use Plaid to build consumer-facing products, business-to-business services, and internal backends. They can connect to any of the hundreds of banks and credit unions that are part of Plaid’s network across the US and Canada.

We’re excited to announce that Plaid has an open-sourced iOS SDK, which makes it easy for developers to build powerful integrations with our APIs. We are a developer-friendly platform and have worked hard to make APIs easy to learn and use. If you’re interested in learning more about what makes Plaid a good option for developers, check out this blog postOur product is used by hundreds of thousands of developers and companies to build financial products and tools for consumers, businesses, and financial institutions. We’re on a mission to make every application better with financial data.!


Plaid is helping the fintech industry grow and evolve by building tools that allow users to send money and make payments. We’ve built a platform that empowers developers to build new apps and services on top of API without having to worry about things like security, fraud detection, tokenization, or API management because we take care of all those things for them.

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