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Common Sources of Software Risk in Field Service Companies and How Field Service Software Help Minimize Them

by Mic Johnson

Field service management software has come a long way to help businesses combat losses in field service businesses. Integrating field service software has provided a solution for businesses to stay safe from massive costs, from communication issues to theft. Therefore, choosing the right field service management software is essential. The following are common risks that field service businesses face and how integrating field service management software helps mitigate them.

Common Software Risks in Field Service

Apart from producing and providing services, another crucial thing in business is minimizing risks by recognizing them first. Even though great software helps reduce these issues, integrating the wrong one can be the beginning of problems. Here are the issues field service companies face.

1. Unsecured Devices

Today, more businesses have embraced the use of mobile phones at work. Specifically, labour-intensive businesses like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and construction have embraced mobile devices to manage their field teams easily. While mobile field software enabled in such businesses has helped boost productivity, it can also cause issues if it has not been adequately implemented. Many of these devices don’t have enough capable security features. Therefore, once these devices are connected to your network, they leave your systems prone to hackers and other cyberattacks. That is why investing in quality field service software is paramount to prevent these losses.

2. Incompetent Security

You need to realize that once your cybersecurity fails, especially in software and cloud applications, your business and its operations are exposed to cyber threats. Many companies fail to acknowledge the risks associated with software use and why optimal security is vital to mitigating these risks. Therefore, it is essential to encrypt data in field service software to ensure your database is not exposed to theft and attacks.

3. Undertrained or Unsatisfied Employees

Another issue that field service companies face is untrained or dissatisfied customers. Employees can access company data and expose it to theft and attacks intentionally or unintentionally. Actions such as leaving passwords and access codes, downloading a virus, deleting essential data, or exposing it to competitors can expose your company to data loss and interrupt your operations. It is vital to ensure your field service software is user-friendly, saves data, and prevents data deletion. Ensure you also train your employees to use the software before integrating it into your systems. Keeping your employees happy and satisfied working with you is also paramount.

4. Poor Data Backup

Another risk with software uses that many businesses fail to recognize is a poor backup. Whenever you integrate software and cloud-based applications into your service business, it is crucial to have proper plans to back up your data. Data loss and leaks can lead to massive losses like monetary issues or even a complete shutdown. So, invest in quality management software that allows frequent backup to ensure you don’t lose data from a simple power outage.


These risks leave your business and data open to threats and costly issues. Investing in quality and reliable field service management software is advisable to minimize them and reduce the chances of your service business incurring losses.

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