What is the Purpose of Employee Monitoring Software?

All companies, no matter their size or structure have two goals above all others, and these are: to ensure the daily productivity of employees and to protect corporate resources.

These two goals are individually important while still closely linked, and that’s because, overall employee productivity has a direct correlation with both near and long-term business outcomes, as well as return on investment (ROI).

What this simply means is that, if the employees of a company aren’t executing their assigned tasks within deadlines, if they are not achieving objectives, or if they’re not fulfilling their responsibilities, the company will rapidly lose resources and go under.

Preventing a ‘worst-case scenario’ like this is the primary purpose of employee monitoring software.

Meaning & Purpose of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is a tool designed to provide legal workplace surveillance and tracking of employee activities by employers, or company administrators.

This tool is typically equipped with monitoring features such as time tracking, project evaluation, productivity report, keystroke logging, screen monitoring, and Internet monitoring, for surveillance of employees’ web activity, emails, online messaging, and interaction on social networking sites.

These features are put in place to uphold the primary purpose of ensuring there is a progressive increase in the daily productivity of employees, and to protect corporate resources.

The purpose of employee monitoring software can further be divided into four major categories, namely:

  1. To learn from experiences that promote best practices and can improve operational activities in the future.
  2. To have internal and external accountability of the resources used and the results attained.
  3. To take informed decisions and make necessary adjustments before moving forward with any project or initiative.
  4. To impose penalties or reward employees, based on the transparent monitoring of a project or initiative.


Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

There are several benefits you can gain from adopting employee monitor software in the workplace. However, in this section, we will outline only the top 5 benefits of employee monitoring software.

Accurate Time Tracking

Let’s understand how employees spend their time during work hours, how to monitor remote employees working from home and how to manage discipline for working in hybrid, remote or offline formats.

Employers and company administrators no longer have to remain oblivious to the level of productivity of their employees. With employee monitoring software they can easily track the time spent working on assigned tasks, idle time, offline time, and so on.

Easy Resource & Responsibility Allocation

Employee monitoring software also provides you with a clear picture of the resources required to successfully execute a project before the deadline. Furthermore, it allows you to assign roles, responsibilities, and the required resources, to respective employees or team members.

Automated Project Timeline Monitoring

Employee monitoring software can also serve as a  project management tool that allows you to not only monitor the daily, weekly, or monthly progress of a project, but also the individual contribution of team members.

The time spent on tasks and the quality of work done can be analyzed using employee monitoring software, and this is done to ensure the profit and loss margin of a project can be estimated once it’s completed.

Precise Employee Productivity Evaluation

With the use of detailed productivity reports employee monitoring software makes it hassle-free to evaluate the performance of employees within a certain period.

Productivity reports can be automated to deliver within a specific duration or they could manually be accessed by the employer, either way, you will be granted access to precise reports that indicate those who are misusing their time and those who are productive.

Streamlined and Effective Team Communication

For the success of any business, seamless communication with and among team members is absolutely necessary.

During project development or any other work progress, there will be complications or issues that need fixing or correcting, and without a clear line of communication, those issues may not be solved as quickly as they should.

Employee monitoring software provides features that help you seamlessly share files, post notifications, send emails, hold video conferences, etc on a single platform.

Whether your team works in the office, remotely, or through a mix of the two systems, the adoption of employee monitoring software will certainly provide a significant boost to how you can efficiently keep track of your employees’ activities and measure their productivity.

Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software

Many businesses turn towards employee monitoring software because they help with time tracking, productivity analysis, threat identification, data protection from harmful attacks, and process optimization. After deep evaluation, Kickidler has been selected as one of the most efficient employee monitoring software.

Kickidler is an outstanding employee monitoring software that enables unintrusive employee supervision during working hours and boosts work efficiency. It is a software that provides high-quality services at a low cost. It was created by the Tele Link Soft company and released in 2013. The software is currently used by thousands of businesses.

This software can be used by any type of business to monitor an unlimited number of employees. The software is designed so that cheating with automatic mouse movements or auto clickers is impossible. What prevents Kickidler from being cheated? It provides real-time visual monitoring tools, which allow employers to see exactly what is on their employees’ screens.

Here are some of the key features of Kickidler:

1. In-depth productivity analysis

Hybrid and remote work is not going anywhere. By using Kickidler you can easily determine your employees’ productivity and gain insight into different areas of improvement. There are four different tools that help get the job done:

  • Efficiency report
  • Details of the day report
  • Work dynamics
  • Employee performance rating

2. Visual monitoring

Kickidler employee monitoring software includes visual monitoring tools that allow you to see what is going on on your employees’ screens at any given time and even record screen activity.

3. Time tracking

With the help of this software, you can keep track of the amount of time each employee spends working, by collecting data and storing them as detailed reports such as working hours reports, time reports, and spreadsheets.

4. Data protection

All obtained data is secured with the use of Kickidler employee monitoring software, making data breaches or unauthorized access to data impossible.

Other features include

  • Violation monitoring
  • Keystroke logging
  • Remote control
  • Automatic notifications
  • History of computer activities

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