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Google Authenticator Introduces Google Account Sync

by Abeerah Hashim
Google Password Manager boasts new feature upgrades

Google has improved its popular authenticator app – the Google Authenticator – to further assist its users in maintaining accounts’ security. The new update to the app includes Google Account Sync feature that makes Google Authenticator app OTPs readily available across all devices.

Google Authenticator Now Supports Account Sync

Through a recent post, Christiaan Brand, Google’s Group Product Manager announced rolling out the account synchronization feature in the Google Authenticator app.

As explained, despite being a popular and trusted login authentication tool, it received numerous complaints and requests from users to integrate synchronization. That’s because Google Authenticator always served as a device-only facility – storing everything at the specific device level.

Hence, if a user owning multiple devices loses one with the Authenticator app installed on it, it would also lose access to all accounts set up via the app. That’s because all OTPs would remain stored on the lost device only, making sign-ins on another device difficult.

So now, Google has regarded the users’ complaints and has decided to introduce synchronization. Specifically, the Google Authenticator app will now allow users to store all the passcodes in their Google accounts. These passcodes will then be synced across all devices connected to that account. This way, users don’t have to fear losing passcodes or account access in case of the device’s theft or loss.

Alongside announcing this update, Google also emphasizes on the importance of passwordless authentication, which it already supports. The firm also vaguely hinted at some more developments in collaboration with the FIDO Alliance. Specifically, it stated about introducing “passkeys” for enhanced account security.

The new Google Account Sync feature will be available across Google Authenticator apps iOS and Android versions alike. To get this feature, users merely have to update their devices with the latest app versions.

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