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Google Introduces Dark Web Monitoring For Gmail Users

by Abeerah Hashim

Google has announced a major security upgrade alongside other features updates for its users. Specifically, the service enables US Gmail users to activate dark web monitoring for their email addresses.

Gmail Dark Web Monitoring Currently Offered To US Users Only

According to a recent post from Jen Fitzpatrick, Senior Vice President of Core Systems & Experiences at Google, the tech giant is rolling out dark web monitoring for its US Gmail users.

As explained, Google already offered dark web monitoring to its Google One subscribers. But the firm has now decided to expand this feature’s availability to Gmail users.

The service will roll out in the following few weeks but will only be available to US users. However, Google has pledged to expand the facility’s radius to include other (select) international markets in the future.

Dark web monitoring has become necessary for anyone with an email address. Due to frequent data breaches, email addresses are frequently sold (or exposed) on the dark web, allowing adversaries to exploit them for malicious purposes. That includes everything from account takeovers to financial frauds and identity thefts.

Sending prompt alerts to users regarding possible exposures of their email accounts on the dark web can help them take remedial measures immediately. Google’s step in this regard will also significantly help Gmail users.

Other Major Feature Upgrades

Alongside this update, Google has also announced introducing other significant feature upgrades, such as better control over Android apps’ data collection and usage, easy deletion of Google Maps history, separate rollout of its Safe Browsing API, and the recently announced Passkey integration.

Moreover, Google has also announced the launch of the “About this Image” feature that will provide details about online visual content. That includes details about where the image first appeared, the context when it was first indexed, and its subsequent appearance across the internet.

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