Be Cyber-Vigilant on Your Cruise with These Cyber Security Tips

It’s so nice to be able to travel once in a while, especially if you’ve been stuck at work for many months straight. The ultimate nightmare, however, is to get your phone hacked or your identity stolen during your vacation! Although there will always be risks, you can mitigate many of them with just a few wise steps. Here are ways to keep your digital life and phone safe while on a cruise.

Tell the Bank You’re on Vacation

Staying on track with your cybersecurity duties starts way before the purchase of your cruise ticket. The first thing to do during the planning phase is to call your bank and notify them of your intentions to travel. Doing so ensures that your bank card will work when you need it, which also prevents unnecessary heart attacks. Don’t lose precious relaxation time during your cruises from Southampton by having to call a bank representative! Instead, tell them where you’re going ahead of time, and how long you plan to be away to avoid any issues.

Keep Your Phone in a Safe Place

If someone snatches your phone, it’s a dire emergency that needs immediate attention. The thief will have access to your financial information, personal identity, and any photos you have saved on your device. Imagine the kind of damage they can do with all of that data at their disposal! Rather than wait for disaster to strike, choose to protect your valuable phone from sticky hands. Try some of these phone-saving ideas:

  • Place it on a lanyard
  • Place it in your jacket pocket
  • Place it inside an armband
  • Place it on a belt holster
  • Place it in a purse
  • Place it in your front pant pocket
  • Place it in a dedicated bag

Whatever route of protection you choose, just make sure you always know where it is and can check on it with a simple pass of the hand.

Lock Your Phone With a Numerical Code

Your phone has a security feature that can lock out intruders on the surface level: the PIN. A simple 4-digit passcode is available for use on most phones that prevents access unless the correct key combination is entered. It’s one of the best features to use for physical devices and is surprisingly effective at deterring snoopers. In the case that your device gets stolen, it can buy you enough time to lock it from a remote location or replace the phone altogether. The code is a simple, yet effective security method that you should always keep active.

Use Secured Wi-Fi Only

Cruise ships might offer public Wi-Fi services that anyone can use. These are easily compromised, so stay far away from them as possible! Instead, look for secured Wi-Fi that requires login credentials such as a username, password, or subscription plan. Check to see if the network uses WEP or WPA2, and employs a firewall for further safety. In general, networks requiring passwords will already utilize these security protocols as part of their network infrastructure.

Visit Only Secure Websites

Although you can visit any website while surfing the web, do your best to visit only the ones that are secured to stay safe. Secure websites will encrypt your data so that snoopers cannot view it. An easy way to check for the green light on security is the URL: If it has https:// in the very beginning of it, then it’s secure! Make it a habit to check for the implementation of website security on each session to ensure total privacy.

Shut off the Internet When Not in Use

Hackers can only attack your phone if you’re connected to the internet. Make it more difficult for them to steal your information by shutting off their gateway altogether! When you don’t need to use the internet, block off all connections to the world wide web by disabling the Wi-Fi capability of your phone. This can be done by accessing the “settings” menu and tapping on the “Wi-Fi” icon to instantly remove the function. It may be best to shut off the internet when you’re asleep or busy for long periods, such as during dinner or while on amusement rides.

Hackers are everywhere these days, and cruises are no exception. Taking steps to keep your digital life and phone safe will give you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your vacation from start to finish. Follow any of the above tips to ensure cyber vigilance throughout your trip.

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