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Center Identity Launches Patented Passwordless Authentication for Businesses

by Mic Johnson

Center Identity, a pioneering cybersecurity company, is excited to unveil its patented secret location authentication, reshaping how businesses manage workforce digital identity. This proprietary technology enables users to authenticate their identity using a secret location selected on a map.

The benefits of this novel approach to digital identity management include:

  • Simplicity: There is no need to remember a long list of complicated passwords or seed phrases.
  • Security: Secret locations are less likely to be shared and far less susceptible to brute force hacking.
  • Recovery: The use of Artificial Intelligence ensures that hints for selected secret locations meet robust cybersecurity standards, offering users an easy recovery mechanism.

Compared with other passwordless authentication solutions which require the user to possess one or more hardware devices, secret locations are a cost effective solution which do not require purchasing devices for your entire workforce. Center Identity is also launching the integration of secret location authentication with OpenID Connect, a widely adopted open standard, making integration a straightforward process.

“Traditional password management and account recovery methods fail to keep pace with the rising tide of security threats. Our secret location-based algorithm changes all that by authenticating based on geo-coordinates. Users only need to remember a place of personal significance, which is both intuitive and incredibly secure,” says Matt Vogel, Founder and CTO of Center Identity.

Moreover, Center Identity addresses the security concerns of businesses with stringent endpoint security measures, taking advantage of firewalls and VPNs to enhance protection even further. “Our technology allows these organizations to block satellite map traffic based on which website the user is on, effectively neutralizing the threat of phishing by ensuring that only whitelisted websites can access map-based authentication services,” says Vogel.

This new protocol transforms access management in a way that mitigates the risks and reduces the hassles associated with traditional password-based systems. “We know that businesses lose around 30% of their time resetting passwords. Our solution not only plugs this productivity drain, but also enhances security without compromising convenience,” adds Vogel.

Users and businesses can visit Center Identity’s passwordless solutions here.

About Center Identity

Center Identity is a pioneering cybersecurity company based in the United States with a patented approach to digital identity management. Leveraging cutting-edge solutions and blockchain technology, the expert team at Center Identity ensures unparalleled security for data and networks, empowering both individuals and businesses to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

About Matt Vogel

Matt Vogel is a distinguished software engineer with a profound impact on digital security, holding key patents in digital identity, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. His contributions have significantly influenced technological standards and innovations. As a recognized author and advisor, Vogel’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping industry discourse and guiding the future of technology.

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