Microsoft Patch Tuesday May 2024 Fixed 3 Zero-Days

Microsoft rolled out its scheduled Patch Tuesday update for May 2024 this week. Unlike the previous month’s update, this time, the updates address three zero-day vulnerabilities alongside other security fixes.

Microsoft May 2024 Patch Tuesday Updates Arrived

The most important security fixes included with Microsoft’s May Patch Tuesday address three different zero-day vulnerabilities. While none of these vulnerabilities received a critical severity rating, they still hold importance due to their active exploitation or public disclosure before receiving the fixes.

Specifically, these three zero-day flaws include the following.

  • CVE-2024-30040 (CVSS 8.8): An important severity security feature bypass affecting Windows MSHTML Platform. This vulnerability exists due to bypassing OLE mitigations in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office. An adversary could exploit the flaw by tricking the target user into loading a maliciously crafted file. Once done the unauthenticated adversary would gain code execution privileges on the target system.
  • CVE-2024-30051 (CVSS 7.8): An important severity heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability affecting Windows DWM Core Library. An attacker could exploit the flaw to gain elevated privileges on the target system.
  • CVE-2024-30046 (CVSS 5.9): An important severity vulnerability affecting Visual Studio. An adversary could exploit the flaw to trigger denial of service on the target system.

Besides, another noteworthy vulnerability in the May 2024 Patch Tuesday Microsoft updates is a critical severity remote code execution flaw. Identified as CVE-2024-30044, this vulnerability existed in the Microsoft SharePoint Server. Exploiting the flaw required an attacker to have authenticated access with the Site Owner or higher permissions. Then, the adversary would upload a maliciously crafted file to trigger deserialization of the file’s parameters and execute arbitrary codes on the target SharePoint Server.

In addition, Microsoft also released over 50 other security patches with this update, rolling out 59 security fixes this month. The other important severity vulnerabilities include 2 denial of service vulnerabilities, 16 privilege escalation flaws, 7 information disclosure issues, 24 remote code execution vulnerabilities, 4 spoofing vulnerabilities, 1 tampering issue, and 1 moderate severity security feature bypass affecting Windows Mark of the Web (CVE-2024-30050).

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