Anonymous hackers bring down Thai website over tourist murders verdict

Anonymous hackers have attacked hundreds of Thai government websites, after two migrant workers were sentenced to death for the murder of two British tourists. On Wednesday hackers listed a list of hacked websites on pastebin.

A court sentenced Myanmar migrant, Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun, both aged 22, to death on Dec. 24th after the court found them guilty of murdering two tourists Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, on a beach on the island of Koh Tao in 2014.

According to Police, Witheridge had been raped and bludgeoned to death and Miller suffered severe head injuries.

Some experts believe that the police had coerced Lin and Htun into confessing. Police denied that.

In Facebook a page named ‘We Are Anonymous‘ posted that they had shut down 200 Thai government websites in protest over the Koh Tao murder verdict.  Anonymous is supporting the campaign to ask tourists to boycott Thailand.

After Anonymous attack on Thai websites they were not able to be accessible. But Police Colonet Somporn Daengedee, deputy chief of the police Technology Crime Suppression Division, said police had not received reports of government websites being hacked but were looking into it.




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