3 Employees Of Wipro Were Arrested Over Hacking UK Firm TalkTalk

Three Wipro employees in Kolkata have been arrested in connection with a security breach in the customer records of a UK-based telecom client TalkTalk. TalkTalk is a major fixed line broadband and a voice telephony services company with revenue of 1.7 billion.

It had already faced a major cyberattack in October 2015, that had compromised the personal and financial details including bank account information of more than 157,000 customers.

“Following the October 2015 cyber-attack, we have been conducting a forensic review to ensure that all aspects of our security are as robust as possible including that of our suppliers. Acting on information supplied by TalkTalk, the local police have arrested three individuals who have breached our policies and the terms of our contract with Wipro. We are also reviewing our relationship with Wipro”, TalkTalk said in a statement.

The Kolkata-based workers were arrested earlier this month following a data security review by the London-based firm, which then alerted Indian police.


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