What Is a WiFi Pineapple and How Is It Used?

There are many reasons why a WiFi Pineapple might come in handy. With the ability to scan, target, intercept, and report, WiFi Pineapples are easily (and effectively) multi-talented. The general idea of a WiFi Pineapple is providing a middle man between the internet and whatever device is up for target.

With the ability to fake a “remembered network”, the victim will scan for networks and see the usual results. The only difference: one of them will covertly belong to the WiFi Pineapple. When the victim connects to the disguised network, their device’s traffic can officially be intercepted by the handler of the advanced tool. This makes it very easy to execute man in the middle attacks.

On the other hand, malicious intent is not the only use of a WiFi Pineapple. On the official WiFi Pineapple website, they list all of the included features:

  • WiFi man-in-the-middle platform
  • Highly effective rogue AP suite
  • Over-the-air apps and modules
  • Advanced client and AP filtering
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Simplified auditing workflow
  • Live reconnaissance view
  • At-a-glance intelligence
  • Device tracking and alerting
  • Reports emailed at set intervals
  • Build on embedded Linux
  • Free software updates

That being pointed out; there are obviously a dozen reasons why you might want to own a WiFi Pineapple. If you go and find yourself this nifty tool, you will be happy to know the set-up is also easy. If you’re finding any challenges during installation, detailed guides can be found online to help you.

Another helpful tip when setting up your device: update/upgrade the firmware. Aside from the detailed guides that can be found online, WiFi Pineapple also comes with its own user manual. This guide goes over setup, troubleshooting, execution, and even includes helpful tips. Overall, this device is extremely useful for a variety of different reasons.

If you find yourself wanting this stellar device, you should know that they are only $99.99

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