North Korean Malware ‘Typeframe’ Discovered By US Government

Just days after the historic summit between the US and North Korea the US Department of Homeland Security identifies malicious activity originating from the North Korean Government, this was based on a report released on Thursday.

It would seem there is a new variant of Malware called TypeFrame. The report stated that the malware will be able to install additional malicious programs, proxies and trojans, modify firewalls and connect back to a command and control server. Most malware follow the same pattern, TypeFrame is just the latest version of the malware.

The DHS has issued a new alert due to North Korea’s malicious cyber activity. DHS also pointed out that the nation is trying to hack every other country around the world since 2009. The US also suspects North Korea as  being the source of the WannaCry attack that caused damage to Russia, Ukraine and UK’s National Health Service.

“This malware variant is known as TYPEFRAME,” according to the report by the DHS Computer Emergency Readiness Team, noting that “the US Government refers to malicious cyber activity by the North Korean government as HIDDEN COBRA.”

This is not the first time for the US to blame North Korean Hackers saying they have targeted major nations.

“Since June 2017, DHS and the FBI have publicly released 11 national cyber awareness products associated with North Korean government malicious cyber activity; four joint Technical Alerts (TA) and seven joint Malware Analysis Reports (MAR),” a DHS spokesperson told CNN.

“DHS pursues a model of ‘collective defence’ in cybersecurity, meaning government and industry take collaborative, tangible actions together to mitigate threats and reduce the most serious, enduring and collective strategic cyber risks to the United States and to our international partners,” the spokesperson said.


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