Guest Posting Guidelines

We would love to hear from other members who wish to contribute to our Blog in order to help others stay up to date in the IT security industry. We have prepared the following guidelines as a way of setting some rules for those who are interested in contributing.

What type of content we will accept 

Successful guest blog articles should be comprehensive, “how-to” or “news” pieces that teach our readers about a particular aspect of IT security and related sectors.

Guest blogging must not be viewed as a commercial opportunity and, as such, the piece must avoid promoting a particular product or service. Articles which simply seek to include backlinks to promote specific websites will not be accepted.

Guest blogger requirements 

  • Provide a well-written, high-quality, original article with a topic relevant to our audience
  • You may include a short author bio of no more than 60 words
  • Data, quotations and third party content must be properly referenced in the article
  • While we do not want to stunt your creativity, we would encourage you to limit the article to 300-
    400 words. If it is longer, we would suggest breaking it up with short paragraphs and bullet points.

Publishing policy

  • Submissions must meet the LHN blog team’s quality standards to be published
  • The blogging team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog as we see fit
  • By submitting your article you acknowledge that it belongs to the LHN and will be credited to
    you, the author.

Please get in touch with us via the Contact Form if you have any further questions