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Anonymous Cambodia Isn’t Giving Up After the Arrest of Two Members

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The suspects are Bun King Mongkolpanha, aka “Black Cyber” or “Machine,” and Chu Songheng, aka “Zoro.” They’re both 21 and students at the SETEC Institute in Phnom Penh. Mongkolpanha has reportedly admitted hacking websites, but Songheng said he was only trying to learn how to hack.

They were arrested on April 7 after an eight-month investigation by local authorities and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. The suspects face up to two years in prison for hacking and disrupting numerous government websites.

We’ve attempted to get in touch with the individual behind the Anonymous Cambodia Twitter account, but the account has been inactive since news of the arrests broke. However, in the meantime, Anonymous Cambodia has set up a new Facebook page where they’ve announced their plans.

The hacktivists have published several messages written in Khmera. They claim that they have a lot of supporters that will help them launch attacks until the arrested individuals are released. It’s worth noting that their Facebook page already has over 12,000 likes.

The list of targets includes a number of websites belonging to private organizations, but also ones belonging to the Cambodian government and the national police. The hackers have already leaked some data and they’ve published a video to show their supporters how to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

The hacktivists say the arrest of two members doesn’t stop them from continuing their operations against the government.

“You arrested only two of us, but still we can continue our work and will be stronger than before. Ten times to 1,000 times and 10,000 times. It will never end,” they wrote on Facebook.

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