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Gmail Hacking App Has 92% Success Rate

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gmail hacked using new method

A group of security researchers has successfully discovered a method to hack into six out of seven popular Smartphone apps, including Gmail across all the three platforms – Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems – with shockingly high success rate of up to 92 percent.

The researchers were able to gain access to a number of apps, including Gmail, by disguising malicious software as another downloaded app.

Gmail was among the easiest to access from the popular apps tested.

The hack was tested on an Android phone, but the researchers believe it could work on other operating systems.

A Google spokeswoman said the technology giant welcomed the research. “Third-party research is one of the ways Android is made stronger and more secure,” she said.

The new method used to hack these apps is known as a UI [user interface] state interference attack.

The tests were carried out on Android phones, but the researchers believe the attacks could be successful on other operating systems, including Windows and the iOS system developed by Apple.

The researchers were able to access the camera to steal the pictures as they were being taken, giving them access to personal information including signatures and bank details.

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