Anonymous Attack Pakistan Army and Govt. Websites Against Police Brutality

Massive cyber attack by the hacking group “Anonymous” on the Pakistani government and army, as a result the Pakistani army and the Govt. Websites have been taken down against police brutality.

@AnonymousGlobo announced the news on their official  twitter account, and also mentioned the websites and detail about the sites bought down by them (DDOS attack).It all started when protesters gathered to protest against government for conducting rigged election. However, due to police brutality around 7 people have been killed and 70 injured according to sources in Pakistan.

They also have mentioned the list of websites taken down as a result ofDDOS attack. The list includes; Pakistan Army’s recruitment website, government of Punjab’s official portal, Pakistan Meteorological Department, Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) and several other high profile government and military websites.




Anonymous are the same group of hackers who took down  israeil websites during #OpSaveGaza 

Some of the websites are normal now, but some are still down.

For more details go @AnonymousGlobo twitter account.