The 8 Year Old Cyber Security Expert “Reuben Paul”

Reuben Paul is a child prodigy – he is a Cyber Security expert, attending summits all across the globe, speaking on his expertise, and is the CEO and founder of his own gaming company in Texas, US: Prudent Games. As per the website, he is the lead designer and developer of the startup, and when he is not talking about computer security or developing gaming apps, “he is doing Kung Fu, Gymnastics, Swimming, Inline Hockey, or taking lessons in Music (Piano, Drums) and Art.”

“I started learning about computer languages around one-and-a-half years back. Now I design my own projects,” Reuben told PTI.

 The 8 Year Old Cyber Security Expert “Reuben Paul”

He was invited to speak at the Ground Zero Summit, which is Asia’s largest hackers and cyber security conference, which is currently happening in New Delhi. Some of the worlds most renowned and acclaimed cyber security experts and programmers have gathered for this summit, and they all listened with apt attention to 8 year old Reuben talking about computer security and its importance.

His presentation, titled: “Developing ROOt-Kidz: The future of Cyber Security” was about the importance of cyber security, and why parents should learn to implement and teach their children basic cyber security paradigms for keeping their computers and laptops safe.
Demonstrating his skills and expertise, he showed the audience how easy it is to hack into any website or computer using click jacking and Java applet attacks.
After this presentation was over, he answered media questions like a professional, entertaining them with interesting stories about his life, and defending his profession of cyber security

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