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Hacker Grabbed $600,000 In Two Months

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Hacker found out a way to manage certain home networks to mine for a computer currency referred to as Dogecoin, getting over 0.5 a billion bucks in a matter of months.

The hacker’s exploits were documented by Dell security team, that points out that the hacker used a competitor’s storage product to try and do the dirty work.

The Dell team copied the likely culprit to a German-speaking dell goes by the code-name of “Folio” on GitHub.

What is Folio ?
Folio used a security flaw in an exceedingly computer memory product referred to as Synology, Dell says. Synology’s computer memory product is simple to line up, therefore it has become fashionable people who store plenty of songs, movies, and other multimedia files on their home networks.

In 2013, a security scientist discovered a flaw with the Synology product that permit a hacker notice, and ultimately management, these computer memory devices by sorting out them on Google. The company fastened the vulnerably and discharged a patch. however between the time the scientist told the planet concerning the flaw and therefore the company patched it, the hacker named Folio visited work.Folio discovered vulnerable computer memory boxes and place them to figure to “mine” for Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a computer currency like Bitcoin and is made by “mining,” that involves obtaining computers to answer a series of cryptographical inquiries to unlocks new coins. It takes plenty of computing power to answer these queries. Folks truly get specially created computers to try and do it.

Or, if you’re sensible enough, you’ll be able to string along a bunch of computers owned by others and place them to figure mining for you.

Folio was able to nab five hundred million Dogecoin, like $620,496, finding most of the coins in January and February right before the patch was discharged, the researchers discovered.

The dell team thinks this might be the foremost profitable prohibited hacker mining operation of Dogecoin ever discovered.

SOURCE :- Business Insider

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