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AnonGhost Hacked And Defaced Official Website Of A School

by Unallocated Author

The hacking group “AnonGhost” is back to their bussiness.Recently they have hacked and defaced the offlicial website of an Army and Navy Academy which is a Carlsbad,California based private military boarding school.The banner used was #OpChapeIHill.

This banner explains what is the reason behind this attack.The reason for defacing the website of this school was to protest against the killing of three American Muslims on Feb 10 2015.

The Army and Navy Academy is a member of the Association of Military Schools and Collages of the United States (AMCSUS).The hacking group AnonGhost has left a message on the defaced page.

This Message Is Addressed To US Government: After killing of 3 Muslims in US, your media stayed silent. then you call Muslims terrorists ! you are the real terrorists ! as you continue to push for full domination and control of our lifes. We will fight back!”, according to the message.




AnonGhost is the same global pro-Palestinian hacking group who has been targeting Israeli and U.S. based websites for last couple of years.The website is still not got back and still in the control of the AnonGhost.

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