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Teenager’s Favorite App Is Parents Bad Nightmare

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New mobile app called YouNow is famous among youngsters. It has been launched 4 year back from now and they have started to get some views and more fans. More than 150,000 daily broadcasts and with over 4million users a month on YouNow.

YouNow pays the broadcasters based on how well they manage to interact with users. If the fans are happy with what they see, than they can give tips in order to express their happiness. The money obtained will be shared among the app and the broadcasters.


To go live all you need is own a camera and just show the world what you are about and your skills are. There are lot of people involved themselves in live streaming and the most trending is #SleepingSquad.

The worst nightmare to parents is frustration, you can find lot of under aged girls and boys who fall as victims to commenters who take advantage of their innocence and ask them to do different things in order to receive the tips.

Since the app contains a lot of under aged broadcasters it’s a predators paradise, hopefully this article will raise awareness to parents to avoid such things happening.

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