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Rombertik Malware To Destroys Your Computer Once Detected

by Unallocated Author

Hackers are spreading the Rombertik malware through phishing and spam messages which has ability to read any plain-text data when entered in the browser. It captures the entered data before it gets encrypted.Once up and running, Rombertik automatically scans Windows computer to check if it has been detected or not

Rombertik is unique in that it actively attempts to destroy the computer if it detects certain attributes associated with malware analysis,according to Cisco’s Talos Group blog on Monday.

The malware’s last check is very dangerous for your computer because it computes a 32-bit hash of the PC memory’s resource.If that resource of the compile time gets s

When it first gets installed on a computer, it unpacks itself. Around 97 percent of the content of the unpacked file is designed to make it look legitimate and is composed of 75 image and 8,000 decoy functions that are actually never used.This packer attempts to overwhelm analysts by making it impossible to look at every function.It initially aims at the MBR/Master Boot Record, which is a PC’s hard drive’s first sector that the computer looks to prior to loading the operating system.

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