Samsung’s Android Browser Has Now Enabled Support For Ad-Blocking Plugins

Samsung has now enabled support for content and ad-blocking plugins on its browser which is available for phones running Android Lollipop or newer. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer is now allowing users to install ad and content blocking plugins to strip ads from the Web pages that they visit.Blocking unwanted ads will inadvertently reduce loading times which will in turn save user’s mobile data as well as make it fast to load websites.


Samsung’s Android browser users can now download and install content and ad blockers like Adblock Fast and Adblock Plus on their devices. Adblock Fast is free to install and already has as many as 200,000 users across various platforms. It is already available for iOS devices and also for Chrome on the desktop.

Today, Samsung is rolling content blocking out to hundreds of millions of Android users with an over-the-air update and they’ve partnered with us to again make Adblock Fast the first free and first open-source ad blocker on this platform. Adblock Fast for Android runs just seven optimized filtering rules as on other platforms and, as a result, webpages in Android load an average of 51% faster according to betanews.

It is not clear how many Samsung users will actually make use of this new feature also it is unclear how many actually use Samsung’s browser instead of Google Chrome for their day to day browsing.

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