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Anonymous breach South African Government’s website database

by Unallocated Author

Anonymous hackers breached Government Communications and Information Services (GCIS) database as part of “Operation Africa” (#OpAfrica).

Hackers have dumped data on online containing names, mobile numbers, e-mail addresses, and MD5- hashed passwords of 1,500 government employees.

Image Credit- Softpedia News

Image Credit- Softpedia News

The dumped data doesn’t had any information about SA citizens other than their government. A hacker said that, “We had information about 33,000+ job seekers, but we just prefer to publish government officers data.”

Here is a 5 minute video from Anonymous hackers for Operation Africa #OpAfrica

Anonymous Operation Africa #OpAfrica from @AnonymousVideo on Vimeo.

According to Anonymous, OpAfrica will bring focus on child labour and Internet censorship. A statement said by Anonymous, “The focus of the operation is a disassembly of corporations and governments that enable and perpetuate corruption on the African continent.”

Apart form Government websites, nearly hundreds of South African websites have been hacked by hackers as part of #OpAfrica.



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