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Hackers leaked 43 GB of Syrian Government data online

by Unallocated Author

Cyber Justice Team a group of hackers who leaked 43 GB of data online, which contained information about Syrian Government.

The hackers uploaded the files on the mega.nz (a file hosting service) and some information about Syrian Government server on the PasteBin.

According to the analysts from Risk Based Security (RBS) the data dumped contains 38,768 folders with 274,477 files from 55 different website domains (out of that 55 domains, 25 were government websites), which belongs to both private and government.

On a blog post RBI said that,”The first pass at reviewing the data sparked a sense of some more deja vu, as many of the files appeared to include domains from previous, smaller defacements and leaks, further analysis confirmed our initial suspicions.”

The result made by the analysts shows that the dumped data were generic Plesk files, Joomla and Cportal installations. These were extremely outdated and haven’t received any updates, and were open to vulnerability attacks.

The hackers tweeted all the dumped data on Twitter with the download links.


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