Hackers Robbed And Donates €10K In Bitcoin To Kurdish Group

Phineas Fisher – The Robin Hood hacker recently revealed on Reddit that he hacked a bank and donated the money to Kurdish anti-capitalists in Rojava autonomous region in northern Syria that borders territory held by the ISIS (Islamic State militant group).

This hacker is quite intelligent and well-versed at the technique, which is why it is such an easy job for this hacker to conduct such high-profile breaches like that of the Hacking Team and Gamma Group. In the latest breach this hacker who uses the nickname “Phineas Phisher”, “Hack Back!” and “@GammaGroupPR” has raked in around €10,000 (about £8,000)Bitcoin in a hack attack.

This particular anticapitalist, Kurdish group is being regarded as one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world today. The funds donated to the campaign came from a bank heist, though the hacker neither revealed the name of the bank nor provided any further details of the bank heist.

The hacker hasn’t named any of the victims of this hack attack because he is waiting for the right time. However it is a fact that the US State Department has named this Kurdish group as a “terrorist organization” that aims to create an independent Kurdish homeland but the truth is that this region currently is struggling for its survival though due to its conflict with the ISIS as well as Turkey and thus is in desperate need of money at the moment.




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