Everything You Need To Know About Google Autocomplete Suggestions

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For a active Internet user there isn’t a day which goes without searching something in Google and compared to the old times, Google Search is becoming smarter every day. Google Search Autocomplete is a factor that impacts this smartness.

Google does not really allow you to complete your search query and you will get suggestions from the search engine based on what u search for. Sometime this feature is quite useful because you don’t have to complete the whole text. However there are times when Google Autocomplete Suggestions become quite funny too.

How Does Google Autocomplete Work ?

Google Autocomplete Suggestions is a feature that suggests keyword when you type something in the status bar. Suppose you are searching for the term “cool” then the possible suggestions maybe like “coolpad”, “cool status” or “cool math games”. So this is how Google Autocomplete works in the common scenario and als the availability of suggestions depends upon an immense variety of factors.


How Autocomplete Suggestions are Made?

Google can also show you suggestions based on spelling too instead of keyword suggestions.

Example: If you type “uintedsatest” Google would understand that you misspelled “United States” by mistake.


Since there are different kinds of autocomplete suggestions, different algorithms are used to make them. However there are times when you cannot see autocomplete suggestions during a search.

Example: If you are searching for something that isn’t popular then there may not be any suggestion. Also if it’s a newly-coined term then Google algorithm may not be aware of the possible suggestions. This is one of the reasons why some suggestions are becoming quite funny in the long run.

There’s no touch of a human mind in the creation or ranking of autocomplete suggestions you receive but they are computed based on several factors.

Factors that Affect Suggestions:

Some of the major determinants of autocomplete suggestions are as follows.

1. What You Type

First of all, the typed term is an important thing. Example: If you are typing about something related to politics, Google can show you the popular suggestions related to politics. Similarly as told earlier Google Search has an inbuilt feature that cleans spelling errors from what’s being typed.

2. What Others Search for

Popular searches in your area is also an important factor of consideration. Example: Suppose it’s Republic Day in your country and people are searching for wallpapers and stuff. Then quite naturally when you type “Republic Day” in Google, you may see suggestions like “wallpapers”, “songs” etc. What others search for is an important factor that decides the list of autocomplete suggestions. And hence people around you do matter.

3. Your Previous Searches

Your previous searches are another factor of impact. This works better if you have logged into Google Account and have enabled Search History. In such a case you can see suggestions based on previous searches. When you are searching for the same thing again, you get a suggestion in no time.

4. Where you’re From

The region you are from is an important factor too. Suggestions are also shown on the basis of regional statistics of searches performed. That’s why you don’t see the same suggestions when you are searching from two different places. It’s because Google is passionate about bringing suggestions that people would relate to.

So basically these are the major factors that create and affect Google’s autocomplete suggestions as a whole. Of course, there are minor factors out there.

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