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Safeguarding ERP Systems in the Digital Age: The Crucial Role of NetSuite Support in Cyber Defense

by Mic Johnson

An enterprise resource planning tool is a software program that unifies business operations. The most popular product on the market for business owners and executives is NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP. Maintained by remote servers, your company can manage numerous operations on this platform, including accounting, supply chain management, data collection, leadership initiatives, and more. 

However, using an ERP system can elevate concerns about cybersecurity in 2024. As technology improves, the tactics of hackers become more creative. Malware, phishing, ransomware, spoofing, and insider threats are just a few of the methods by which other parties can steal and compromise your data. 

With the help of NetSuite support services, you can better protect your company’s online dealings through enhanced cybersecurity practices. Here are a few ways that your ERP system can develop a strong cyber defense with assistance from a support services partner. 

Evaluating Your Business Needs

The first step in building a strong security plan is to determine what your specific needs are. When you work with NetSuite support partners from getGSI.com, this team will start by getting to know your company operations and objectives. This will allow them to develop a strategic security plan that is specific to how your business operates. Your model may not fit into a cookie-cutter structure for cyber defense, so this is an important step to determine the best tactics for shielding your data online from attacks. 

Training the Team On NetSuite

Learning a new software can be a challenge, especially with an ERP that is as all-encompassing as NetSuite. There are features to learn, data to translate to the new tools, and new practices to understand to ensure individuals can continue to do their jobs. A lack of training could easily put your online work at risk, especially if team members are unsure how to secure data and restrict access. Whether your team requires training to create implementations in NetSuite or to learn what features apply to their roles, the GSI support team can help during the transition to the new ERP. When updates to the software come down the pipeline, it is also helpful to have support services train your personnel on any relevant changes. 

Implementing Security Options

NetSuite comes with several features that allow you to beef up security when team members use the platform. Your support services team can help you understand these practices and implement them to build strong defenses against online threats. A simple step you can take is to require stronger passwords for employees to access their accounts, including length and character requirements. Enforcing multi-factor authentication will restrict access only to the employees who should be able to use certain tools, often with a verification code that is sent by email or text. One of the top security threats for online companies is exposure to third-party services, and these tactics can help alleviate those risks by restricting access to company data and applications. 

Better Than a Generic Support Team

GSI is a top support service provider for NetSuite’s ERP. One of the services that supports this assertion most is SuiteCare. A dedicated team of consultants with substantial experience in NetSuite will work to understand your business operations intimately. This reduces the amount of time required to handle your questions or concerns about the program. Additionally, this knowledge also decreases the amount of information that must be shared to address the problem. As a result, the risk of your communications or data-sharing being hacked by outside parties is significantly diminished. 

Recovering Failed Software Projects

Many businesses operate on the project lifecycle. You have a specific software implementation that you want to initiate within NetSuite, and you put a team together to make it happen. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding can lead to failed implementations that lead to security risks for the company. A compromised project also slows down the progress of the business. GSI’s support services can help recover your failed or stalled projects to get things back on track, filling in the gaps of the project lifecycle and eliminating the security risks that can come with it. 

Prioritize Cyber Security in the Digital Age

Every modern business owner or executive will tell you that the Internet has somehow benefited their company. Unfortunately, the benefits of being online also come with risks like data exposure. It must be a priority to protect the operations and data of your organization by focusing on cyber security, especially when working with an expansive ERP like NetSuite. GSI is the support service partner you need for the top-rated cloud ERP in the market, so take advantage of this tool to beef up cyber defenses for your organization.

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