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John McAfee Sues Intel for the Right to Use His Own Name

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The founder of the McAfee antivirus company John McAfee, is now suing the Intel for the right to use his own name for another firm as he sold McAfee antivirus to Intel.

John McAfee sold McAfee antivirus company to Intel for $7.68 billion in 2011. This was when McAfee was one of the top antivirus companies on the market.

After a collapsing market share and the public scandal surrounding various charges laid against John McAfee in Guatemala and Belize, Intel has decided to rename the McAfee brand to Intel Security in the early 2014.

The eccentric billionaire, who is one of the largest Intel critics they came across in their way they are managing his former company, has welcomed the decision with a simple smile on his face.

After two years, McAfee is now suing the Intel for right to use his name for an another company, to be more specific, to rebrand the MGT Capital Investments Inc. McAfee want to convert it to John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc..

The role of McAfee in the new company is the Executive Chairman and also Chief Executive Officer, and according to company’s official website, “MGT Capital Investments, Inc. is in the process of acquiring a diverse portfolio of cyber security technologies,” this shows a clear intent to do business in the very same field as Intel Security, formerly McAfee.

When Intel heard the plans of McAfee’s this past June, the electronic manufacturing giant threatened to sue MGT if they go any further with their company’s rebranding.

According to United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Intel holds McAfee trademark, which they have acquired in a deal in 2011 (Registration No. 1818780 and filing date December 21, 1992).

McAfee’s side wants the court to give them permission to use the McAfee’s name for the new company, just as an exception for the trademark, as “no sufficient and adequate alternative means to the use of McAfee’s own

personal name in his own company exist.” The lawsuit was filed Friday, on September 2.

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