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Simple way to solve math equation on Microsoft OneNote

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Microsoft keeps on finding new ways and methods to make users life easier and simple. Microsoft OneNote an awesome tool that can be used in many different ways. Here we gonna show you on, how to solve math equations using Microsoft OneNote.

How to

Step 1: Click open Microsoft OneNote.
Step 2: Draw an equation.
Step 3: Circle it using Lasso.
Step 4: Choose what to solve.
Step 5: Learn with step by step instructions.

Simple .gif image that shows how to solve math equation on Microsoft OneNote. ImageSource: makeuseof.com

By using this tool it will save your time. OneNote will automatically converts the math equation to text and solve it.

For better understanding, this app breaks down the equation and shows you how to solve it. Now you know the answer and  learn how you got it.

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