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LinkedIn launches new app to help students to find a job

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LinkedIn is business-oriented social networking server which helps students to get their dream job. The company has launched new tool in the form of an Android and iOS application for students.

According to AdaYu senior product manager at LinkedIn said that, “It was only natural for us to try to come up with a solution for this but do it in a way that really resonates with students and meet them where they are, which is mainly on the mobile phone.”

In a blog post LinkedIn says that, “So how can the new app help you tackle your college to career transition? Think of it as your personal job exploration guide, providing tailored jobs related recommendations based on real data from the career paths of hundreds of millions of successful professionals.”

LinkedIn database report shows that more than 400 million acquired users in more than 200 countries and territories in 2015.

LinkedIn Students will help you explore new career paths and tackle your job search. You can get new personalized recommendations every day so that you can easily stay ahead in your post-college job search.

List of new features from LinkedIn Students apps:

  • Explore suggested roles based on your education to uncover unexpected opportunities
  • Get hand-picked career advice articles written just for students
  • View the profiles of recent alumni with your major to see their career path and get advice
  • See the companies that regularly hire students from your school
  • Get job listings appropriate for your major and year




Download it today for iOS and Android phones.

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