Hackers Ready To Hack Pakistan Government Websites

Cyber security experts on Friday said that they can hack the website of Pakistan’s critical infrastructure if they were given a go ahead by the Indian government.

According to S. Amar Prasad Reddy, additional director-general, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards said that, “We are trying to enter into their critical establishments after the Pathankot attack. We got the access to ‘gov.pk’ websites. But we need a command from the Indian government to hack them.”

“We now possess capability to shut down their digital infrastructure. We achieved this breakthrough two months ago after Pathankot attack.”

“We have ‘honeypot’ technology and it is very difficult to attack. We are already protecting so many critical infrastructures in our country. We are insisting that the states come out with a cyber security policy to protect their critical infrastructures. We need at least 10 lakh cyber security experts to protect our critical infrastructures,” he added.


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