10 Interesting Programming Facts Only Programmers will Understand

Hi there friends, apart from our other articles, today we would like to present something different. There are some things about programming( or just geek stuff ) which only a programmer (or a geek) can understand. When normal see these facts they feel confused or say something absurd.

That being said, here are some facts only a programmer will understand.

10 Interesting Programming Facts Only Programmers will Understand

The root is at the top of the tree.


Counting starts from zero, not one.


A parent may kill its children if the task assigned to them is no longer needed.


Most of the hacking scenes in movies are complete bullshit.


When you format your hard drive, the files are not deleted.

programmer facts

That ‘=’ != ‘==’.

programmer facts

That Windows desktop’s “Refresh” button is not some magical tool which keeps your computer healthy.

programmer facts

That 1 Mbps and 1 MBps internet connection don’t mean the same thing.

programmer facts

The value of a semicolon ;


“|” key is not useless.


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source: thecrazyprogrammer

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