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BuzzFeed Website Hacked By OurMine

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News website “BuzzFeed” is defaced by “OurMine” hackers after one of its article claimed to identify a member of a OurMine.

OurMine defaced the site by changing some of its posts headlines to “Hacked by OurMine” and altering some posts body text.
Hacked by OurMine team,” the altered posts read.

“Don’t share fake news about us again, we have your database. Next time it will be public. Don’t f**k with OurMine again.”

It is not clear what information is inside the “database” it claims to have.

After BuzzFeed claimed to have identified a member of the group, OurMine initially denied the report in a statement from its official email account. “Nope,” it said.

“A lot of people thought he is a member of OurMine, but he is just a fan. For this reason people thought we are from Saudi Arabia, we are not.”

Later OurMine hackers responded by hacking and defacing the news website. “The hacking group OurMine Wednesday altered several posts on BuzzFeed.com after a BuzzFeed News article reported that a Saudi teenager is most likely behind scores of hacks of tech CEOs and celebrities,”

BuzzFeed tweeted after the attack. “BuzzFeed News is working to restore the altered articles, including the original report on the group.” It quickly removed the defaced articles from its website.

OurMine has claimed to be behind high-profile hacks that took control of accounts belonging to senior executives at companies including Facebook, Twitter and Google.

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