Microsoft To Help World Chess Champion From Being Attacked By Russian Hackers

World chess champion, Magnus Carlsen has asked Microsoft to protect him against Russian hackers as he relies heavily on technology and computing power to prepare for the match and he is afraid that Russian hackers would attempt to hack into his computer.

Magnus has got a match with grandmaster Sergey Karjakin next week and that’s why he is afraid of being attacked by Russian hackers. If the hackers break into his computers and leak the accessed information, then that could help Karjarin (Crimean-born) to win the match.

However Microsoft will thus protect Carlsen’s information and will secure communications to make sure that nothing is lost. The identities of Carlsen’s advisers will also be protected, as Russian hackers could also launch attacks against them in attempts to access information about moves that were prepared for the match.

Vibeke Hansen, from Microsoft Norway explains:

“The element of surprise is vitally important in chess. Therefore, it is critical that all communication during preparation and the finals is completely secure. Preparing for a World Championship demands a lot of work, analysis and strategic sparring – and a lot of computing power.The last few months before a match are filled with a lot of preparation and hard work; it is crucial that no data is lost or compromised”.

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