Google Cracks Down On “Repeat Offenders” Sites That Continue To Spread Malware

Google is imposing a heavier penalty on websites hosting malware that have found a way to bypass its Safe Browsing initiative- a tool to prevent users from encountering malicious content online. So Google is adding a new weapon to its Safe Browsing arsenal to fight back against websites which bypass them.

So this new update will tag certain questionable websites that repeatedly spread malware, unwanted software and other harmful content as “repeat offenders”.  However a site owner can immediately ask Google to review their website, and then have the warning sign lifted after being verified.

But with those that are marked as repeat offenders, a full-page warning sign will be placed for 30 days, until Google is willing to review the website again. The sad thing is that once the site gets offended, the site’s owner will not be able to apply for a repeal of the harmful site warning for next 30 days.


Google added that the new measures won’t affect sites that have been hacked. The new measures are only for “sites that purposefully post harmful content”.


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