Once Again Twitter And Pinterest Account Of Mark Zuckerberg Taken Down By OurMine Hackers

Twitter and Pinterest account Of Mark Zuckerberg- The CEO of Facebook taken down once again. Hacking group OurMine claimed responsibility for this attack.

The hackers posted a new tagline on the profile saying “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security”, along with the group’s web address after gaining access to Mark’s Pinterest account. However the defacement was removed shortly after.. An exploit vulnerability on Pinterest let the hackers hijack the high-profile account.


Also the hacker group claimed to have got Mark’s password for his Twitter account, however they were unable to access it due to the two-factor authentication on the account. OurMine is known for its series of attacks on high-profile users and defacing their accounts with their name and contact details.

OurMine said in a statement: “Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter password was same as his former Gmail password, which was changed six months ago, and the phone number associated with the account ended in “86”.

The group claims it is their hope that the victims reach out to them for security advice. It would cost $5,000 per scan for users to know if their social media account is really secure or not. Some of the popular names in the Silicon Valley, including Google’s Sundar Pichai, Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer etc have all been victims of OurMine’s attacks.


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