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Anonymous Wants Mcafee to be the Security Advisory for Trump

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Hacker group Anonymous has launched a website to express its support for John McAfee becoming the next cybersecurity adviser for US President-elect Donald Trump, emphasizing that this is “an issue that affects us all.”

Anonymous also announces a march for McAfee on December 5 at the New York City Trump Tower, calling for supporters to bring V for Vendetta Masks to protect their identity, as well as signs and banners to let “people know what message you’re trying to convey.”

In case you’re wondering how come Anonymous supports John McAfee as the next cybersecurity adviser for Donald Trump, it’s because “he is going to force the action around cybersecurity while others in power simply shrug it off as no big deal.”

The hacker group goes on to explain that the United States is at risk for cyber-warfare and everyone in the country is exposed to attacks, including companies, citizens, and children.

“Our nation is at risk for cyber-warfare. Our corporations are at risk for cyber-espionage and digital crime. Our citizens are at risk for identity theft, and their rights to digital privacy. Our kids are at risk for cyberbullying. Someone needs to raise the noise-level on all of this – and no one is better suited to be the White House Cybersecurity Czar than McAfee,” Anonymous says on the site.

Mcafee –  No thanks

Oddly enough, even though John McAfee ran for the presidency in the past, he is no longer interested in politics, and said in a statement for IBTimes that he doesn’t want to be Trump’s security adviser.

“I’ve had hundreds of DMs [direct messages] over the past week saying I should head up cybersecurity and that they were going to lobby for it. I told each one I didn’t want it. I wouldn’t take the position if offered,” he was quoted as saying.

“The government is populated with dead wood, out-of-date thinkers, immovable bureaucracies and nepotism. I believe I can do more by working outside the system developing defensive tools that can at least keep our industries and private infrastructures alive.”

It remains to be seen how many people will support McAfee at the December 5 march (if there’ll be one, of course), but Anonymous seems to be very serious about it, so mark this day in your calendar to see what happens.

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