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dedsploit – Framework For Attacking Network Protocols

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dedsploit is an open source software use for attacking network protocols and network exploitation. This framework aims to exploit and attack some common every-day vulnerabilities, whether it is a misconfiguration of a SSH server, or even the utilization of apache2 as a web server, which could be subjected to malicious Slowloris DoS attacks.

The framework comprises of several modules, and within each module will be attack vectors.


  • Linux-based distro ( preferable Kali-Linux)
  • macOS

Download & Install:

To install this program, first git clone.

git clone https://github.com/ex0dus-0x/dedsploit


Change directory, and then run the installer script (Must be root or have superuser permissions):

cd /path/to/dedsploit
sudo python installer.py


The installer.py script will install of the necessary dependencies for you. Note that other platforms will be supported in the future (for now, manually install, especially if you don’t use apt-get as a package manager).

Now dedsploit to execute:




Download now: dedsploit

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