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MSF-Remote-Console – Tool To Connect To The Msfrcpd Server Of Metasploit

by Unallocated Author

A remote msfconsole written in Python 2.7 to connect to the msfrcpd server of metasploit. This tool gives you the ability to load modules permanently as daemon on your server like autopwn2. Although it gives you the ability to remotely use the msfrpcd server it is recommended to use it locally with a ssh or mosh shell because certificate validation is not enabled.


  • Optimized delivery & execution of commands.
  • Has all msf commands implemented even future ones. This is possible through the structure of the rpc api.
  • Browse through your command history with the up and down arrow key.
  • Tab completion for system paths.
  • It feels like the normal msfconsole!


How it looks like?:


[*] Connecting to server:
Host => myDomain.com,
Port => 55553,
User => msf,
Pwd => ***,
SSL => True

[+] Successfully connected
[*] Console id: 19
, ,
/ \
(_) O O (_)_________
\ _ / |\
o_o \ M S F | \
\ _____ | *
||| WW|||
||| |||

=[ metasploit v4.12.22-dev-52b81f3 ]
+ -- --=[ 1577 exploits - 906 auxiliary - 272 post ]
+ -- --=[ 455 payloads - 39 encoders - 8 nops ]
+ -- --=[ Free Metasploit Pro trial: http://r-7.co/trymsp ]

msf >


How to use it?:

With the -c option you can use the credentials hard coded into Main.py feel free to change them so that you don’t have to use the credential parameters all the time.
With the -r option you specify a resource script to load from your computer into the console.


-h, --help show this help message and exit
-r RESOURCE, --resource=RESOURCE
Path to resource file
Username specified on msfrpcd
Password specified on msfrpcd
-s, --ssl Enable ssl
-P PORT, --port=PORT Port to connect to
-H HOST, --host=HOST Server ip
-c, --credentials Use hardcoded credentials
-e, --exit Exit after executing resource script


Download and install:

Step 1: First you must have metasploit installed. If you cant use the installer because you have no graphical environment or whatever use this guide from rapid7: Setting Up a Metasploit Development Environment

Step 2: Enter the following command given below, this will install all needed dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/allfro/pymetasploit.git pymetasploit
cd pymetasploit && sudo python setup.py install


Step 3: Start your msfrpcd server:

cd metasploit-framework/
ruby msfrpcd -U msf -P msf -p 55553

Step 4: Start and connect to the postgresql database and change the password in the echo line.


sudo update-rc.d postgresql enable
sudo service postgresql start
echo "create database msf;create user msf with password 'password';grant all privileges on database msf to msf;" > createdb_sql.txt
sudo -u postgres /usr/bin/psql < /home/postgres/createdb_sql.txt

In Metasploit:

db_connect msf:[email protected]/msf


Download now: MSF-Remote-Console

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