Groupon Accounts Hacked! Millions Of Users Are At Risk

Groupon users have been hacked and they have been told to check their account details to make sure they have not been victim. Hackers are buying iPads and iPhones worth hundreds using hacked Groupon accounts.

The scammers used hacked Groupon users’ accounts and make expensive orders, one of which amounted to over £2,420. Customers of the online voucher service complained that high-end items such as a holiday, PlayStation 4 and iPhone 6 had been bought from their compromised accounts. One person said: “Someone hacked my Groupon account and bought a $3,000 European vacation.”

ecurity experts said large companies such as Groupon should have advanced fraud detection systems that can spot high-value purchases being sent to addresses that aren’t the billing or home one registered to the customer.

“I can confirm there has been no security breach to our website or mobile app,” a Groupon spokesperson told MailOnline.

“What we are seeing however is a very small number of customers who have had their account taken over by fraudsters.”

The users are advised to use strong passwords and regularly check their email for unauthorised purchases.

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