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Here is How to Use Facebook’s Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’

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Facebook new app that aims to compete directly with Snapchat, but it’s only officially available in Brazil at the moment. The app called “Flash,” is so much like Snapchat that it’s not even the slightest bit of a stretch to call it a clone.

Steps to Use Facebook’s New Snapchat Clone ‘Flash’ on Any Android

1. Even though Flash is only officially available in Brazil, you can try it right now on any Android device in any country. All you have to do is enable “Unknown sources” in Settings, then download and install the following APK.

2. After successfully installing up the app on your device which could be done just by running up the .apk file, launch the app on your device and then sign in to the Facebook account using the options for Login.

3. Just like the snap chat this app also have a chat screen on the left, camera interface in the middle and the “Your Story” screen on the right side of the app’s interface. The only difference between the Snapchat and the Flash app is that both of these have vastly different types of filters, Flash app have terrible filters which either looks and feels like childish and funny sometimes.

4. This time Facebook haven’t come up with the type of exceptional service and feature class app for the Flash and this is easily detected by the first time usage of it. Although users might expect for the major update by the Facebook which would roll this App for the whole world and even provide something much better than the Snapchat as Facebook is a much bigger developer! Until that time you could enjoy up using this app by installing it on your device.

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