Blizzard Sues Bossland For Making Overwatch Cheats

Blizzard is preparing to drag an infamous company into the court for making and selling some of the most infuriating Overwatch cheats.

Bossland is notorious for creating cheating programs for a number of video games. The dark side of the online community has been using the company’s products to gain illegal advantage in video games for some time now. However, the recent months have seen Bossland grow in popularity for its Overwatch cheats.

The company is responsible for the infamous Watchover Tyrant hack which permits a player to see health, position, and other critical information of foes regardless of distance. The hacking program is also famous for countering Blizzard’s “Warden” anti-cheat system.

However, this isn’t the first time that Blizzard is suing the company. Last July, its band of lawyers filed a lawsuit against Bossland over copyright infringement related to Overwatch cheats, including the Watchover Tyrant program. Blizzard lost the case.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that the Overwatch developer will lose in court once again. This is because Bossland is based in Germany while the lawsuit will be filed in the United States. Due to international enforcement laws and other related complications, it’s hard to carry legal proceedings overseas.

According to Blizzard, Bossland has cost the company millions of dollars. Shutting it down would certainly be a major step towards cleansing Overwatch of its slime. In the mean time, Blizzard is cracking down on cheaters by sending out regular ban-waves.

The most recent one banned over 10,000 Overwatch accounts in Korea, specifically targeting players using “Nukers”which issue a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack to disconnect a player in ranked games.


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