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Woman steals a man’s laptop look what happened next

by Harikrishna Mekala

Stu Gale, A Canadian of Cochrane, Alberta lost his laptop when he left it in his car.

It was reported in CTV News Calgary saying that a truck has been stolen from the parking lot where Stu’s car is parked nearby but the Thief didn’t recognize that the laptop is installed with the Remote logging Software like Team Viewer or VNC.

So, Stu was able to log into his laptop remotely only to find that the thief who stole his laptop is a woman,

She was using her Facebook account when Gale logged into his laptop while she went away he snooped into her laptop and extracted information about her friends as well as making a call to one of her friends. CTV News Calgary quotes Gale:

I went through and got her phone numbers, friends list and pictures, and while I was doing that, two [chat] conversations started. I called one of them and told her [that the person in possession of his computer] was on a stolen laptop and told her I’d give [that person] the opportunity to return it.

But he didn’t stop there he texted all phone numbers found in her account, conveying that he planned to report the woman to the Police.

He also left a note on her Facebook page more over he posted the information to a number of Facebook groups. Once the woman noticed, she deactivated her Facebook profile.

She was however convicted without trial (So to speak), even though people may think that she stole the laptop because she was caught using it, there may have been other reasons for her being in possession of it.

If somebody gets caught at the crime scene it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have actually committed the crime as there maybe a vast case  scenario, for example she may have bought the goods from a thief unwittingly or been gifted the laptop.

Whilst we can’t blame Gale for his actions, there is also a law that states an individual can’t invade the privacy of an another individual.

A computer Security expert Tom Keenan said,

If you take somebody’s Facebook and you repost it, that’s a form of privacy invasion. You really do need to think about what you’re doing. Probably a better idea to take it to law enforcement.

In this Scenario, Gale victimized the thief by invading the privacy of the Woman.

Gale took the information and handed it over to the police, they stated that they are confident they will catch the thief.

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