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Cyber Attack Simulation Startup Cymulate Raises $3 Million

by Unallocated Author

In the midst of the breaking news of Wikileaks about the true power of the CIA and CIA reacting to it, we see that Cymulate Raises $3 Million in Series of A Funding to Expand Cyber Attack and Simulation Business

The Israel-based cybersecurity startup Cymulate has announced on Friday that they have raised a whopping $3 million through a Series A round of financing led by the investment firm Susquehanna Growth Equity.

The company was founded by Avihai Bar Yosef and Eyal Wachsman. This company is in Israel. Cymulate offers a cloud-based platform for cyber attack simulation which helps many organisations to assess the security of different systems, such as Windows Domain Network configurations, email, web traffic, web servers, and many more.

“By using a game-changing combination of both defence and offensive security and SaaS platform, we at Cymulate helps organisations expose the critical vulnerabilities that are present in their security infrastructure before an original attack take place,” the company founders explains.

All the customers can run a one-time security assessment for a price of $9,999. There are many plans available for both enterprise customers and also service providers.

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