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What are Internet Cookies?

by Unallocated Author

Cookies are an essential part of the HTTP protocol that most web applications rely on. Internet cookies are small text files that are stored on your web browser or computer by web servers.

It technicality enables the server to send parts of data to the client, which the client stores and resubmits to the server. Unlike the other kinds of request parameters (those within the URL query string or the message body), cookies continue to be resubmitted in each subsequent request without any particular action required by the application or the user.

The data collected from cookies allows websites to offer suitable logins and authentication, personalised experience for you through favourite setting and language setting, improved online shopping experience, ad management, and more. So in and of themselves, cookies are not bad things. Cookies do not collect any of your personal information such as your email address or password.

Types of Cookies:

Session Cookies: a cookie that is deleted when the user closes the Web browser. It helps websites to remember you and remember the data provided by you as you jump from one page to another within the same internet site.

Persistent or Permanent cookies: a cookie that is saved on a user’s hard disk until it expires (It created with expiration dates) or until the user removes the cookie. It enables websites to memorise your preferences and settings.

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